Shift in Consciousness
Saturday, April 17, 2010 at 03:17PM
Robert Poynter

Freeing consciousness from the mind allows the body to experience a life full of intentions that seem and appear to BE bright and full of life. It is the Mind-Body connection that initiates or sparks the divine interest. Once the body and mind connect, the spiritual connection will soon follow. The mind enters the connection with the observer's caution. The caution is believed to be the gate keeper from any link stealing the present consciousness.

When the sun is so bright and seamlessly positive, how can one hide from this experience? There is a core need and curiosity that thrives to believe that there is so much more to understanding ourselves and meaning of our existence.

Is it our human existence to discover the unknown that we continually search for? What if we are not aware that we are already doing it? Again, the human psyche is always pursuing a truth that is only found within and it is NOW!

Finding the true balance will ultimately expose the mind-body-spirit to be seen as whole. Whole within ourself and whole within the universe. We are one!

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